Donation and Sponsorship Requests

Donation and Sponsorship Requests


*During this uncertain time we will be temporarily suspending all sponsorship and donation requests*


Safetek Emergency Vehicles Ltd. thanks you for the opportunity to have involvement with your organization. As Safetek receives numerous requests per year, we unfortunately cannot provide support to all requests submitted to us. On occasion, we are required to decline participation to great organizations as we have already committed to our budget.

We wish you all the best with your fundraising endeavours.


For over twenty-five years, Safetek Emergency Vehicles is Canada’s leading provider of fire rescue vehicles, parts and service, with a mission of “Serving those who keep our communities safe”. Our commitments are customer-focused professionals and play an active partner in its community through supporting events and organizations such as cancer initiatives and mental health awareness.

Event Sponsorship

Safetek wishes to be associated with events that promote positive partnerships in our communities.

Response Time

Safetek has established a period of 30 days following reception of applications to provide a response to the request. Those in charge of Sponsorships will only contact those applicants whose request has been approved.


Safetek pays great deal of attention to analyzing each application received for a donation or sponsorship. The evaluation committee for these requests ensure that all requests are treated equally according to the eligibility criteria by taking into account the visibility benefits being offered and the established annual budget.

Donation Request Form


Event Address
First and Last name
Feel free to upload any files to support your submission (rate sheets, event info etc)
One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf doc docx.