Maple Ridge Fire & Rescue Services

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Maple Ridge Fire & Rescue Services

SKU: #S4762


Two FoamPro 2001 Systems, Fire Truck Leveling System, Class 1 Breathing Air System, Electric Akron Akromatic 2,000 GPM Deck Monitor with Remote Control, Platform Rappelling System, and a Smeal AL-11 Information System, and carries 300 US gallons of water on board. Custom Uni-Body Aluminum Construction, V-MUX Peer-to-Peer Advanced Electronics, Advanced Occupant Protection.

Delivery Date:  December 2018
Manufacturer: Smeal
Chassis: Spartan Gladiator
Engine: Cummins ISX15
Transmission: Allison 4000 EVS

Pump: Hale QMAX Pump
Water Tank: 300 Imperial Gallon Tank
Body: Formed Aluminum
Foam System: Dual FoamPro 2001 Systems
Ladder Storage: Inside Torque Box

Vertical Height: 100' at 72 degrees
Horizontal Reach: 98' at 0 degrees
4500 PSI Breathing Air System
AL-11 Aerial Controls
Additional Stroke Stabilizers

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