Leduc County Fire Services

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Leduc County Fire Services

SKU: S5032

Just when you thought all fire trucks were red - mic drop. We're thrilled to announce that Leduc County Fire Services has accepted delivery of this Spartan 30M/100ft Platform. Built on a Spartan Gladiator chassis and powered by a Cummins X15 600 HP engine with an Allison EVS-4000PR transmission. This mean yellow machine features a Waterous CSU 2000 US GPM pump, a FoamPro foam system, an aluminum body, ROM/PAN roll-up doors, an Akron StreamMaster II 3486 deck gun, a Harrison 10kW MCR generator and more. We are proud to provide the market's only Advanced Occupant Protection System in this apparatus providing front and side impact protection to its occupants.

Delivery Date: May 2020
Manufacturer: Spartan Emergency Response 
Chassis: Spartan Gladiator
Engine: Cummins X15
Transmission: Allison EVS-4000PR
Horsepower: 600 HP 
Pump: Waterous CSU 2000 US GPM
Flow: ULC Test Rating 7000 LPM

Foam System: FoamPro 2001, Single 20 US Gallon Tank
IMP Gallons: 300 US Gallon
Door Type: ROM/PAN Roll-Up Doors
Body Type: 1/8 Aluminum Body 
Monitor/Deck Gun: Electronic Akron StreamMaster II 3486
Generator: Harrison 10kW MCR
Number of Seats: 6
Advanced Occupant Protection System: Yes


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