Kamloops Fire Rescue

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Kamloops Fire Rescue

SKU: S4974

This recent delivery is getting comfortable in its new home in Kamloops, British Columbia. We are pleased to announce that Kamloops Fire Rescue has accepted delivery of this Smeal Side Mount Pumper. Built on a Spartan Gladiator chassis and powered by a Cummins X15 600HP engine with an Allison 4000 EVS transmission. Kamloop's new pumper features a Hale QMax 1500 GPM pump, a 500 U.S. gallon water tank, a 30 U.S. gallon foam cell, an aluminum 3/16" body and seats up to 6 firefighters. See below for more details.

Delivery Date: June 2020
Manufacturer: Spartan Emergency Response  
Chassis: Spartan Gladiator
Engine: Cummins X15
Transmission: Allison 4000 EVS
Horsepower: 600 HP 
Pump: Hale QMax
Flow: 1500 IGPM

Foam System: Foam Pro 2001-Class A
Door Type: Aluminum Pan Doors
Body Type: 3/16" Aluminum Body 
Monitor/Deck Gun: Akron 3431 Apollo Single Inlet
Generator: SG-09
Number of Seats: 6
Advanced Occupant Protection System: Yes


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