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Safetek Emergency Vehicles and Profire Emergency Equipment (Safetek Profire) have developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan to minimize the risk of passing on novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) at work and to help protect employees, customers, visitors and others from COVID-19. The Plan was developed with input from managers, supervisors and workers and identifies the control measures and steps to be taken to reduce the risks and help break the chain of transmission of the virus. The Plan follows the recommendations of our federal and provincial health authorities and will be continually reviewed and revised if necessary. The Plan has been shared with all employees.

Please see our measures implemented below. If your question is not answered please feel free to reach out to our team here.




We have involved managers, supervisors, and workers to identify areas where people gather, job tasks and processes where workers are close to one another and visitors.

We have identified the tools, machinery and equipment that workers share while working and surfaces that people touch often, such as doorknobs, light switches, handrails, faucets, washrooms and shared office equipment.




We have placed floor markers, physical barriers/partitions to respect physical distancing and posted occupancy limits in common areas and throughout the workplace.

COVID-19 health and safety cleaning and disinfecting guidelines are posted in the workplace and our cleaning stations are supplied with disinfectants approved by Health Canada.

Workers who are displaying flu-like symptoms (e.g.: fever, cough, sore throat, sneezing), whether or not the illness has been confirmed as COVID-19 are to stay at home and seek appropriate medical attention.

We have posted signage at the main entrance indicating who is restricted from entering the premises, including visitors and workers with symptoms.

We have discontinued shared lunches until further notice.

Virtual meetings and work from home are encouraged in the workplace.

If a face-to-face meeting is needed, we ensure adequate space (6feet/2m) between attendees.




We have identified rules and guidelines for how workers should conduct themselves.

We have clearly communicated these rules and guidelines to workers through a combination of training and signage.

We have suspended non-critical business travel and social events.

Workers and visitors have access to non-medical grade gloves, and masks.

Drivers use hand sanitizer before and after handling any products on delivery.

Drivers have access to non-medical gloves, non-medical masks, and non-medical face shields.

Drivers maintain physical distancing and drop off product using without signature required.




Workers have access to hand washing facilities, cleaning stations, extra sanitizing gels throughout the workplace.

High touch surfaces are frequently disinfected throughout the day.

Washrooms are cleaned / disinfected at least after every use.

Wiping down shared machinery, forklift, tools and shared office equipment after each use.




For the health and safety of others, if you are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 (e.g., fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and new muscle aches or headache), please refrain from entering the premises and reschedule your visit with us for a later date.

Visitors must access the front office upon arrival and will be required to sign in/out at the front office on the date/time of visit.

Visitors upon entering the building will agree to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from all individuals while at the property.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be available for customers: disposable medical masks, disposable non-medical gloves. Masks are not required to be worn.

If a visitor onsite develops flu like symptoms, they must immediately leave the premises and immediately contact front office by phone at (604) 504-4590.

Recommended Practices:

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after using the washroom or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

When coughing or sneezing: cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, throw used tissues in the trash. Wash your hands. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

We have implemented a handshake free-zone during the coronavirus crisis.



Thank you for helping through this pandemic and keeping everyone safe.

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